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Check out Duchess Riot the first Friday of every month at ACME NoHo. Click here for ticket info. 


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3/3/14 -  Click here for a sneak peek of tonight's all new episode of ABC's Fresh Off The Boat at 8/7c.

3/1/15 - This Friday night Duchess Riot returns for our residency show at ACME Comedy NoHo!  Click here for ticket info.

2/20/15 -  Click here to see episode 3 of "What's Your Emergency" where Dione Kuraoka damn near gets me killed. 

2/12/15 - Check out this Hollywood Reporter article where our showrunner Nahnatchka Khan talks about "Fresh Off The Boat."  Working on the show has made me an even bigger fan of hers; this article perfectly showcases her humor & eloquence. 

2/11/15 - That's a wrap on Jesse & Naomi! It's going to be hard to leave my new family in Virginia Beach, but I'm so grateful for the work we've done together.  Special thanks to Home Theater FilmsRegent University & director Robert Kirbyson for making this an experience I'll never forget. 

2/10/15 - I get to jump in on the Huang Family fun tonight on ABC's new hit show Fresh Off The Boat. Tonight 8/7c. 

2/5/15 - We picture wrapped Marilu Henner today from "Jesse & Naomi." Here's a pic of our good-bye (where I wasn't crying like a baby.) 

2/3/15 - Tomorrow night is the big 2 episode premiere of "Fresh Off the Boat."  I'll get to spend some time with The Huang family this season (starting with next week's episode) and would love to hear what you think of the show. Catch it from the beginning this Wednesday on ABC 8:30pm & 9:30pm. Click here for the Hollywood Reporter's review. 

1/27/15 - Here's a fun article from Variety about our new movie Jesse & Naomi. Filming is going great in Virginia! The cast is so awesome that I (almost) don't notice the 30 degree weather. 

1/26/15 - Catch my Jesse & Naomi co-stars Joe Williamson, Philip Boyd & Marilu Henner on today's episode of The Marilu Henner Show. Download the first hour of January 26th's show to hear how lucky I am to get to work with these guys. 

1/25/15 - Today's the launch of a new shorty series from Duchess Riot! "What's Your Emergency?" is directed by Erin Muroski & Suzanne Cotsakos, and starring Dione Kuraoka. Click here for the first episode.

1/19/15 - I went on Marilu Henner's radio show today to promote our new movie "Jesse & Naomi" but her endless energy (& awesome research team) turned it into an hour of unexpected career talk! I got to dish about Duchess RiotFresh Off The BoatThe American Academy of Dramatic Arts21 Day Fix, Vagabond Youth Theatre, Shakespeare, improv, health food, working out, kissing co-stars and girl bullies. You can download it here (Monday Jan 9th, hour 3) to hear the whole thing unfold. Bonus if you can pinpoint the exact moment I decide that I want to be Marilu when I grow up.

1/14/15 - I've arrived in Virginia Beach for a month-long shoot of "Jesse & Naomi."  So far, I've learned what counts as winter clothing in Los Angeles does not work in the east. 

1/5/15 - Excited to kick this year off by playing Jesse in the film Jesse & Naomi. Soon as I'm allowed to share who's playing Naomi, I will come back here to publicly geek out. 

1/1/15 - Happy New Year's, everyone! Thank you for making 2014 such an incredible year for me & the girls of Duchess Riot. Much love from our family to yours. 

12/11/14 - We officially have a premier date! Check out ABC's Fresh Off The Boat Tuesdays at 8pm beginning February 10th, with two sneak previews on Wednesday Feb 4th at 8:30pm & 9:30pm, before AND after Modern Family.

12/10/14 - Cheers to an amazing year!  We had our final biz meeting tonight and we raised a glass to those of you who make our world so ridiculously fun and amazing! click here for the photo and don't be surprised that the "glass" is a glittery pink flask. 

12/5/14 - Join us tonight for the last Duchess Riot show of the year! Deets: Acme NoHo, 8pm, tickets at the door or on our website.  Bring your canned goods! We're making a delivery to a local food shelter after the show. 

11/27/14 - Happy Thanksgiving from Duchess Riot! We wish you & yours a safe and warm holiday season. We're all saying our thanks for you today!

11/20/14 - Aw, yeah!! Pal Jeff Yang caught the first aired promo for Fresh Off The Boat. Click here to view Hudson Yang & Randall Park in spectacular father/son glory. (That quick flash of blonde hair and stiletto boot in the beginning? That's "Honey," my favorite character to date.)  

11/13/14 - This week's blog entry is by my bestie Erin Muroski & it packs a powerful message for lady-bullies. Ever heard the term "basic bitch" and wondered what it means?  Click here to learn more.

11/10/14 - Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! The Duchesses & I are so grateful for the amazing audience we had last Friday! You guys have filled every theatre to the brim this year and we can't thank you enough for showing up & being rowdy.

11/7/14 - Join us tonight for our second-to-last Duchess Riot show of 2014. Tickets available at the door or by clicking here.

10/21/14 - Check out tonight's episode of NCIS New Orleans to see what would have happened to my hair if I lived in the Big Easy. (And was kidnapped.)

10/17/14 - This was a kick-ass week for some of my favorite writers and comics! My bestie Erin Muroski was featured in The Hollywood Reporter for her award-winning pilot script, stand-up pal Mark Agee sold an awesome pilot to FX and Duchess Lauren Howard Brown made a hysterical video that's featured on USA Today. Here's to talented people getting their due. 

10/16/14 - If you like sappy things, you might enjoy my blog entry in this week's Duchess Oven. 

10/11/14 - Back to work on Fresh Off The Boat this week! Happy, happy, joy, joy. 

10/8/14 - Check out A to Z tonight on NBC! You'll learn the answers to a few key things: does Angrew go on a date without Zelda? Will they decide to be exclusive? Do I owe their production team a new copier? Find out at 9:30/8:30c. 

10/7/14 - I'm not sure how to thank you all enough for voting us the Best Theatre Group for the 4th year in a row on The LA HotList. You guys are truly the best & you've made us the 8 luckiest ladies in town. 

10/6/14 - Our most recent Duchess Riot shorty made it to the front page of Funny or Die! Cheers & Limpitor all around! Check out the video by clicking here.

10/3/14 - I'll be braving the cold in Ohio this weekend, but check out my chicks in this month's Duchess Riot show! For ticket info, click here.  

9/12/14 - My first day back on ABC's Fresh Off The Boat, I was greeted by skin-tight leather pants & a sexy red Cadillac. Saddle up, kids. 

9/10/14 - I had a great shoot on Comedy Central's new show This Is Not Happening this week! And I would like to publicly apologize to my mom before it airs. 

9/5/14 - Tonight, join me & the ladies of Duchess Riot for our 4 Year Anniversary show! For tickets, click here

9/3/15 - I'm heading back to work on ABC's new show Fresh Off The Boat & I can't wait! I'll withhold my lengthy opinion of this show (so this doesn't turn into a sappy love letter) and just say to keep on eye on your TV schedule for its release date.  

8/15/14 - We will probably never be able to thank Robin Williams enough, but we will certainly try. In this week's DR blog, we share some of our memories of the Funniest Man in the World. Click here to read.

8/11/14 - Working on NBC's new sitcom A to Z! If the table read is any indication, this cast is going to have me in stiches all week!  NBC put a goldmine of an ensemble together; check them out this fall on Thursdays at 9:30/8:30c. 

8/1/14 - Heading to Louisiana this week to shoot NCIS: New Orleans! I am so grateful to a) cry for a living and b) consume okra on CBS' dime. Check out the show's site here.

7/30/14 - Aw, yeah, Chicken Suit has been released to the world! This darkly funny short film (directed by AK Hottman) was an absolute joy to shoot! Even with hours of daily tattoo make-up, I loved every moment! (OK, especially with hours of daily tattoo make-up.)

7/28/14 - This week's Duchess Riot shorty has a whole lot of awkard in it. It features the fabulous Lauren Howard Brown & Katie Elseasser and you can click here to check it out.

7/21/14 - Thank you to the crew at The Web Show Show for having us back for another round!  Since it's starting to feel like home, we showed the crowd what a DR sleepover is like with the our Shorty Spoon Me. 

7/14/14 - This inspiring article about female directors features a write-up by my favorite helmer Lynn Shelton. Click here for a great read!

7/7/14 - Join us this Friday night at ACME NoHo for our monthly Duchess Riot show! Click here for info

7/1/14 - Our Crest Whitestrips Commercial is airing! That's the lovely & hilarious Erika Rankin in the spot with me and we had a blast shooting with these guys. FYI, the product WORKS incredibly well & our teeth were super white :)

6/24/14 - Competition is fierce tonight at The Web Show Show Championship! We are going up against some of our favorite funny people & we can't wait to hang with them tonight. Get all of the info you need to join us HERE.

6/22/14 - Thank you so much to everyone who donated to Relay for Life & who visited us on the big day! Our event raised over 45k for the American Cancer Society

6/20/14 - Today's the big day & I can't thank everyone enough for their donations to Relay for Life! If you want to keep up with our progress during the 24 hour relay, check it all out HERE :)

6/6/14 - Join us for our Summer Kickoff Show this Friday! Booze, snacks & discounted online tickets are all available for your Friday night pleasure. Info is available HERE.

5/27/14 - We took 2nd place at The Web Show Show tonight! We met so many awesome folks, including the hilarious 1st place winners, The Lewis Brothers. Thanks, everyone, for an amazing night! 

5/22/15 - Our shorty Pillow Fight Club is a Top 25 finalist in Funny or Die's Make 'Em Laff contestClick here to vote now!

5/21/14 - We took some #seatbeltselfies while driving to our shoot this week. Don't try this at home.

5/2/14 - Duchess Riot's monthly show is tonight! Click here for details.

4/23/14 - If you had an adult-sized onesie, you'd have a Sunday Funday too!

4/17/14 - Heading to the Reality Wanted Awards tonight to celebrate the four nominations we received for The Joe Schmo Show!

4/4/14 - Catch tonight's Duchess Riot show at Acme Comedy NoHo! 8pm, $7 cash at the door. Details here:

3/31/14 - Happy Shorty Monday from Duchess Riot! Today's shorty is one of our favorites from the series! We present to you: The MakeOver!

3/28/14 - Attention city-dwellers: Duchess Riot is coming to your side of the hill! We'll be in Culver City tonight at the Fanatik Salon for a 7pm show. $10 at the door gets you our show, Course Correction, Side Effects & Party House! Now, that's a great night of comedy :)

3/20/14 - Shooting Nahnatchka Kahn's ABC pilot Fresh Off The Boat this week & I'm SO excited about my (ridiculous & amazing) costumes!  Based on Eddie Huang's memoir, this story about a Chinese family moving to 1990's Orlando is freaking hilarious.  It's directed by the lovely Lynn Shelton & it features comedy rock stars like Randall ParkConstance Wu, my girl Rachel Cannon & my new onscreen husband Ray Wise.  

3/18/14 - Shot a Crest commercial today with the side-splitting Erika Rankin. You must check this funny lady out. 

3/10/14 - A new DR shorty for you this week! See how awkard it gets between Suzanne Cotsakos & I after all of the Duchesses go to bed:

3/7/14 - Duchess Riot rocks out some short form at ACME NoHo tonight! Join us for the show & for a drink after at Bow and Truss. For show and tix info, click here.

3/3/14 - Get ready for Duchess Riot's first webseries! Please enjoy Adult All Girl Sexy Sleep Over Party! This is episode one of eight :)

2/25/14 - Saw The Show at Comedy Central Stage & I couldn't be more proud of Adam Chambers & Sean Durrie! To watch their videos & laugh your ass off click here.

2/20/14 - Check out Rake tonight on Fox at 9/8c. I'll be in there as the disgruntled wife of TV's most lovable bigamist. 

2/18/14 - Shooting some exciting new Duchess Riot shorties tonight! Fun stuff coming in March :)

2/15/14 - Spending the weekend at Spitfire Studios in Atlanta for some final reshoots on The Circle. Check out some fun on-set photos here.

2/5/14 - What happens after the Puppy Bowl? Puppy Bowl: the Price of Cute

2/2/14 - Thank you everyone at San Francisco Sketchfest for showing us such an amazing time! From the amazingly named all-female team Vagina Jones to the guy that let Dione drive the trolley, it was one hell of a weekend! We left our hearts in San Francisco!

1/30/14 - Buh-bye, LA & hello, San Francisco Sketchfest! We are so excited to be performing this weekend amongst some of our all-time favorite funny people. We'll be walking around SF in style, thanks to Suzanne (The Greek) Cotaskos' amazing gift of DR converse.

1/17/14 - Duchess Riot kicks off 2014 with our first show of the season tonight at ACME Comedy Noho @ 8pm. For details click here!

12/31/13 - Ringing in the New Year by seeing my favorite funny man Bill Burr! I can't thank you all enough for a truly wonderful 2013 & I hope you have a fun/safe/champagne-filled New Year's Eve ;) Here's to 2014. 

12/30/13 - Duchess Riot knows that not all NYE celebrations are the same. Want to feel better about yours?Click here: Crappy New Year Video.  Huge thanks to the guys at Wolf Knife Productions for directing this shorty written by Lauren Howard Brown

12/16/13 - Have you heard of Elf on a Shelf? Did you know that some people have the audacity to abuse it?! Click here to see Elf on a Shelf go wrong.

12/13/13 - We just got word that we're heading to 2014's San Francisco Sketchfest. Imagine what it sounds like when eight women hoot & holler out of sheer joy. Double that. Then double that. Then, after you get over how incredibly annoying it sounds, go buy your tix & join us for some fun ;)

12/6/13 - Tonight is our last show of the year! Join us for some laughs and support Operation Blankets of Love in the process!  Show info at:  

11/15/13 - Thanks to all of you guys, we won the LA Hotlist's "Best Theater Group" spot again, for the third year in a row! Duchess Riot loves and thanks everyone who voted! 

11/6/13 - Filming a Guest Star on Fox's new show Rake starring Greg Kinnear this week! About to cry my little heart out on the witness stand. Check out the trailer to get a feel for this cool new show:

11/1/13 - Duchess Riot's Holloween Hangover Show is tonight at ACME Comedy NoHo. Don your recycled costume from last night's bash & you'll get a raffle ticket at the door! Info at:

10/23/13 - Room 101 is hosting an all-female improv fest called "WOMEN! COMEDY! FESTIVAL!" The ladies of Duchess Riot & I are so excited to participate Wednesday night in the 7:30pm block. Come join us:

10/5/13 - This week's entry in the DR blog 'Duchess Oven' is by the always-adorable Dione Kuraoka.

9/29/13 - Shake off your Breaking-Bad-Is-Over blues by attending Duchess Riot's show this Friday! How is our show related to BB?  It's not....but you should go, yo. (Maybe we'll hand out meth?)

9/20/13 - Whoa! Duchess Riot has a whole big bunch of "Thank yous" to send out for our new website (featuring photography by the amazing Devin Dygert!)  Check it out & keep up to date on shows, videos & our new blog!

9/17/13 - Thank you to the amazing ladies at Bright Pink for having Duchess Riot at their event tonight! We were so honored to be there. For info about how to help this awesome group, check out DR's blog here:

9/13/13 - So proud of my "The Circle" castmates Elimu Nelson & Lyndon Smith!! Check out Elimu in the feature film Things Never Said ( and Lyndon in this season of Parenthood (  They are so damn sexy :)

9/8/13 - Chicken Suit hits the festival circuit this Tuesday! Come join us at the NoHo 7 Laemmle at 7:45pm & see the magic. Ticket info at:

9/4/13 - Thanks to our brilliant marketing team (Lauren Howard Brown & Dione Kuraoka), a freaking amazing photographer (Devin Dygert), a  killer make-up team (helmed by Ko Wills) and 7 of my favorite women in the world, Duchess Riot just got a big fat online make-over! Check out the new site:

8/31/13 - Attended a screening of Chicken Suit tonight at USC & I can't say enough how happy I am to be a part of it!  Keep an eye out for rising director AK

8/30/13 - The next Duchess Riot Show is only a week away! Check out show info at:

8/25/13 - Go grab a box of kleenex & your wallet before watching this video about my incredibly inspirational buddy Brad

8/8/13 - Shooting a guest star this week on CBS' new sitcom We Are Men!  Support this hilarious show starring Tony Schalhoub, Jerry O'Connell, Kal Penn & Chris Smith by checking out

8/2/13 - Tonight's Duchess Riot's first show at ACME Comedy NoHo! Grab a glass of pink champagne (on us!) and enjoy or new digs :)

8/1/13 - Spitfire Studios released a scary-as-hell trailer for our uncoming film "The Circle." Check it out if you're a fan of screaming like a little girl:

7/22/13 - Duchess Riot's moving to a new theatre! Our residency shows will now be at ACME Comedy NoHo, a theatre near & dear to my heart :) Glitter bombs & kitten hugs!

7/14/13 - Top secret new project in the works with some of the funniest folks I know! Details to come soon. Vague hints being dropped to keep me from popping and blowing the surprise...

6/28/13 - Come and enjoy our last show at the Avery Schrieber Theater! We have had a long, wonderful run here & we're so excited to play one last time before the doors close. Show details available at:

6/21/13 - Check out the new site for Spitfire Studios' feature film The Circle! The Behind the Scenes section shows some great pics of our amazing shoot in Atlanta!

6/20/13 - Hoots & hollers emitted from the edit bays of Chicken Suit today! It's officially mixed & completed; as director AK Hottman says "we have ourselves a movie!" Kudos & big hugs to him and the whole team who made this film an absolute blast to work on!

6/10/13 - AWWW YEAH, it's finally here!!! A sneak peek at Duchess Riot's big summer show - The Royal Rioteer Club!! Check out the link & see how you can help us bring this show to life:

6/3/13 - Here's a little blurb about The Circle. And a first look at some scary-as-hell artwork.

6/1/13 - Hang out with some of my favorite screenwriters - including The Circle's Ben Jacoby? Listen to Joan Osborne and Billy Ray Cyrus rock out an acoutic set?  Geek out over comedy with Fred Willard & his lovely wife Mary? Um, yes please. Thanks for a great weekend, Nashville. 

5/22/13 - Enjoying my time in Atlanta filming the movie The Circle with Spitfire Studios! Couldn't have asked to take this wild ride with a better cast - Riley Smith, Michael Steger, Brittany Ishibashi, Lyndon Smith & Elimu Nelson rock my freaking world.

5/17/13 - Go Foreign Study LA! "Madchen" just won Best Short Film at the NELAart Short Film Fest. Check out the goods here:

5/10/13 - Congrats to the team at Couchers for passing 100k views on "The Paranormally Active Lady" episode! I had such a great time on this short & am so happy it's being well received!

5/1/13 - Soooo excited to spend May in Atlanta shooting a new film!  Check back soon for more details (& pics of what promises to be a hilarious pregnancy suit :)

4/23/13 - Kudos to the brilliant minds at Foreign Study LA for having their short "Madchen" featured at the NELAart Film Series!  I had an absolute blast working on this film last summer & I hope audiences love it as much as we did. It's based on a true story & you can check it out here:

4/17/12 - The ladies of Duchess Riot and I would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who has donated to Relay for Life! We are big supporters of this amazing organization and the incredible work they do. To donate, visit:

4/9/13 - Duchess Riot announces our first ever Big Booty Tournament! All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. Check out the video and join us on May 5th for the fun:

4/4/13 - Get your dose of adorkability on this week's episode of New Girl! If possible, I play an even dumber character than I did on Joe Schmo. Decide for yourself tonight on FOX at 9/8pm central.

3/28/13 - Had an amazing night at the premiere of G.I Joe Retaliation!   Many congrats to The Joe Schmo Show creators Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick for penning this awesome blockbuster. Get your tix at

3/27/13 - Duchess Riot rocks out our March show this Friday in NoHo! Show details at

3/11/13 - Listen to the Stimulus Podcast tonight to hear the cast of The Joe Schmo Show - Full Bounty talk about our crazy experience making the show!  Rumor has it that Chase is calling in from Pittsburgh :)

3/6/13 - Here's the episode of Couchers I worked on!  Please support this fabulous webseries & their wonderful cast & crew:

3/5/13 - Tonight's the big night! Catch the grand finale of Joe Schmo on Spike TV at 10/9c!!

3/4/13 - Shooting an episode of New Girl this week!  Stoked to work with one of my favorite casts on TV & with a strong, funny female director!

2/25/13 - Catch Mike & Molly tonight on CBS at 9:30/8:30c. Also, check out their homepage for a fun look at my scene with Melissa McCarthy:

2/21/13 - Heading up north for reshoots on Chicken Suit tonight! So happy to see the cast & crew again. Support this dark & quirky film at

2/14/13 - My Valentine's Day was made awesome by some folks I've pined for from afar - 3 Arts Entertainment!  We joined forces this week & my heart is swelling to be among their ranks of comics I love & admire.  Color me happy!

2/6/13 - Who-hoo! We sold out our 3rd Comedy Central Show! So many thanks to our Duchess Riot fans, friends & family - you've made 8 ladies very happy. We can't wait to have an awesome show with you all tonight!

2/1/12 - Super excited to film Mike & Molly this week!  I'm working with some of my favorite sitcom legends and (no surprise) they keep me giggling all day long :)

1/30/13 - Duchess Riot is heading back to the Comedy Central Stage!!! We're so excited to return next week :) Last time we sold out in 48 hours, so check out our FB page for info on how to get your FREE tix today!

1/28/13 - Joining a few Joe Schmo Show castmates on the Stimulus Podcast tonight! To get your burning questions about the show answered, check out

1/25/13 - Thank you Duchess Riot family, friends and fans for making our first show of 2013 an absolute blast! We love you.

1/16/13 - I can't thank everyone enough for their awesome feedback on The Joe Schmo Show!!! We are so grateful for all of the love! Catch our favorite episodes (& worst memories) here:

1/9/13 - Thank you EVERYONE who tuned in last night for the premier of The Joe Schmo Show: Full Bounty! Here's a link to the first episode if you want to catch it again:

1/6/12 -  Another great article for The Joe Schmo Show! This time it's in Variety:

1/3/11 - Awesome write-up by the New York Times! So exciting to be a part of this baby:

1/1/13 - Cast bios are up on Spike TV!! Check out this phenomenal group of actors I got to work with on The Joe Schmo Show. You try to keep a straight face working with these folks; I dare you!

12/30/12 - Here's a fantastic write up about Terminator 2: 3D. The show closes today at Universal Studios & though I can't be there in person, I'm so grateful that I got to be a part of it's legacy. To all of the wonderful people who came into my life because of it, cheers! 

12/20/12 - Happy Holidays from all of us girls at Duchess Riot!!! Catch up with us on Facebook to stay up to date on all of 2013's exciting happenings!

12/18/12 - So excited to finally announce that I got to be a part of Spike TV's The Joe Schmo Show - Full Bounty!!! Catch a preview of the madness tonight on Spike at 9pm

12/14/12 - Catch the new sketch group Them There Guys tonight in Los Feliz!  I'll be in a few sketches trying to keep a straight face.

12/13/12 - Duchess Riot rocks out a mini set at the Loft Ensemble's Dark & Stormy Improv tonight!

12/11/12 - Wanna see me cry? Watch Rizzoli & Isles tonight on TNT!  Show info at:

12/9/12 - Shooting an episode of the hilarious show Couchers!!! Check the show out at

12/8/12 - Tonight is the last Hollywood Dream Role of the season at Acme Comedy theatre! Come see our unique form of green screen improv with guest star Seth Peterson!! Tix available at:

12/4/12 - My Happy Endings airs tonight on ABC!  Thankfully, they spray tanned the ever-living crap out of me...

11/30/12 - Duchess Riot's last big show of the year! We're doing some fan favorites & some new stuff for ya, so come on down :) Show info:

11/20/12 - Fabulous Doritos commerical shot by Hiro Koda! Such a fun shoot. Watch, love & vote!

11/11/12 - Victor Alfieri joins us for the next Hollywood Dream Role at Acme Comedy Theater! Get your tix at

11/10/12 - Doritos Crash the Super Bowl is back & I got oh-so-lucky to shoot a damn funny entry for it! We're filming this weekend & I'll post when it's done :)

10/26/12 - Get your Halloween on Duchess Riot style!  We're adding some costumage to our signature short form improv tonight (& I may or may not be dressed as someone tall :) Come in costume and get a dollar off of your ticket!

10/24/12 - A quarter million views already for the newest episode of Heavy Petting with Michael Weaver!  Thank you to whatever acting coach taught me this pitiful stare:

10/20/12 - Chicken Suit starts filming this week! Running around Big Sky & Newhall Movie Ranch for the next few days sporting tattoos & a grimace for AK Hottman's USC masterpiece. Loving this crew. LOVING.
10/14/12 - Duchess Riot shares a night with another hilarious all female troupe That's What She Said!! Come down to the West Side Comedy Theatre to check it out.

10/8/12 - Filming "Couchers" this week! Love this hilarious webseries :)

10/3/12 - Duchess Riot returns to the Comedy Central Stage tonight!!!  Thank you friends, family & fans for another great show!

9/28/12 - Don't miss tonight's Duchess Riot show!!  Between the raffle, sketch, dance, charity and (of course) a little improv, there's something for everyone. Check out for info!

9/25/12 - Signed on to shoot Chicken Suit this October!  Awesome script & it didn't take me long to fall in love with the filmmakers. More info to come. 

9/15/12 - Duchess Riot rocks iOwest tonight! Show info at:

9/13/12 - Could not have had more fun on Happy Endings this week! Now to get rid of this spray tan....

9/10/12 - Duchess Riot's going back to the Comedy Central Stage on Oct 3rd!  Keep an eye on for up-to-the-minute show info. 

9/4/12 - Booked a Guest Star on Happy Endings! Love this show  :)

9/1/12 - Guested on The Scheid Show with some of LA improv's funniest gents. Something fun to listen to:

8/30/12 - Duchess Riot's kicking off Labor Day weekend with an after party following the show! Thursday night (9/30/12) Avery Schreiber, 8pm, $7 tickets & free party after! We really want to thank our fans for the most amazing couple of months we could have asked for!

8/25/12 - Did a fun little interview for an eZine in Australia!

8/17/12 - Duchess Riot got a write up by the fabulous Nancy Bianconi from the NoHo Arts District!

8/18/12 - Performing at a charity event tonight for Acid Survivors Trust International. Please visit this website to see how you can help this cause:

8/16/12 - Shot my guest star on Rizzoli & Isles! Little hard to bust out the tears when the cast & crew is SO damn funny. That is one set that knows how to have a good time :)

8/15/12 - Had a lovely morning as a guest on The Scheid Show! Been listening to these gents for a long time & was happy to talk shop about improv with them. Check them out at:

8/10/12 - Duchess Riot performs at Bang Comedy Theater tonight! We're kicking off a show for one of our favorite long form teams - The Captains of Industry! Show info at

8/3/12 - Booked a guest star on TNT's Rizzoli & Isles! Always happy to work on shows with strong female leads :)

7/31/12 - Comedy Central Stage, here we come! Duchess Riot performs our show to a sold out house tonight! Yipee!

7/29/12 - Signed on to do a charity play to raise funds for ASTI, the organization behind the groundbreaking Oscar winner "Saving Face."  For more info on the organization, please visit & see how you can help. 

7/28/12 - Duchess Riot rocks out some of our classic short form funnies in our monthly resident show in NoHo! As always, get there early - we didn't just sell out last time; we had to turn some folks away! Details at

7/20/12 - We're adding a show next month! Opening for my buds the Captains of Industry, Duchess Riot will be at Bang! on August 10th! info at

7/16/12 - Check out this dark comedy short by the creative team Foreign Study LA. "Madchen" features yours truly and a cast of some of my favorite funny people at a dinner party gone horribly wrong.

7/5/12 - YAY!!! I'm shooting a project this month that I can literally say nothing about. Which makes this post utterly irrelevant. 

6/29/12 - Our last 4 Duchess Riot shows have sold out, so make sure you get there early this Friday! Give yourself plenty of time to park and get your butt in a seat before the magic starts. (and by "magic" I mean Debbie's going to hump something...) Info at

6/24/12 - Table reading tonight for two hilaiious pilots from iOwest's Comedy Lab! Michael McCarthy is a comedy writing bad-ass & under his tutelage, writers Jim Festante & Lindsey Hunter Lopez wrote some absolutely hilarious scripts! Can't wait to read them for their friends and fans. 

6/21/12 - Yay! The very funny and talented comedy duo Water on the Moon is opening for us next Friday! These studly gents (Brian Girard & Greg Hoyt) are freaking hilarious, on top of being downright nice people. We've sold out the last 4 shows, so get there early! Info at

6/20/12 - New promo for Duchess Riot created by the fabulous production team The Yodsukars!  Get your giggle on at:

6/19/12 - Attending a screening of Holly Wortell & Ruben Dario's pilot "Casting!" tonight at the Viceroy in Santa Monica!  These two nailed this hilarious look at the casting process in LA. Nevermind the scene where I molest a jelly doughnut...

6/15/12 - Duchess Riot's next show is Friday June 29th! Info at

6/8/12 - YAY!!! Duchess Riot was offered a show at the Comedy Central Stage this summer!  Keep an eye on for dates and ticket info!.  Happy dance!

6/3/12 - Check out my bestie and fellow Duchess Riot-er Erin Muroski in Ben Stiller's new webseries Burning Love!

6/2/12 - Damien Haas stars in Hollywood Dream Role tonight! Turns out this hunky Disney star is also freaking hilarious & he's going to give his fans an amazing show at ACME!!! Come join us as we weave an improvised tale of Victorian vampire hunting :)

6/1/12 - Relay for Life is this weekend! We smashed our fundraising goal thanks to so many amazing friends, family & fans! Come on down and walk with us, take some fun pics and help honor the cancer survivors and fighters we raised the funds for! Visit for event info. 

5/23/12 - Duchess Riot's May Show is this Friday the 25th!!! We'll be screening our first short film, wrapping Relay fundraising and filming our sizzle reel with our favorite fans! Join all of the fun! Info at. 

5/18/12 - The ladies of Duchess Riot and I are finishing our first short film today!!  It's a piece to raise money for Relay for Life. To donate, please visit:

5/12/12 - Shot a film this weekend with the brilliant minds of Wheelhouse Creative! Gotta love working with talented, hilarious people :)

5/11/12 - Duchess Riot performs at the Loft Ensemble's Dark & Stormy Improv!!! So excited to get up on this stage where so many of my talented AADA alumni work :)

5/8/11 - I won the Writer's Bootcamp TV Pilot Fellowship!!! Who-hoo! I'm developing a pilot for Duchess Riot and I'm so incredibly grateful they chose my project for this scholarship! Excuse me while I happy-dance around my living room.... 

4/28/12 - Hollywood Dream Role is getting close to our summer hiatus, so you best make the show this Saturday!! Matt Kirschen of Last Comic Standing guest stars! Tix available at

4/27/11 - Duchess Riot's April show is tonight! We sold out last time, so make sure you get there early :) 8pm Avery Schrieber Theatre. Info at:

4/22/11 - Playing Leslie Knope tonight in a staged reading at iO west. Super rockstar writer Austin LeRoche is presenting his hilarious spec. 

4/20/12 - Duchess Riot is fundraising for Relay for Life. Hate cancer? Us too! Help the fight by visiting 

4/15/12 - My spec script for NBC's Up All Night is being read at iOwest tonight! Woo-hoo!!! Can't believe how great the cast is!! Tonight at 8:30, come to the Del Close Theatre @ iOwest to see the reading :) 

4/14/12 - Brian Gaskill stars in Hollywood Dream Role tonight! He chose the most hilarious set up, no spoilers here :) Get your butt to the show...

4/7/12 - Adopting Terror premiers on Lifetime. Spoiler alert: I lose Sean Astin's baby. Stupid blonde receptionist... 

4/2/12 - Reconciliation wins another "Best Feature Film" award! Thanks, Texas :)

3/31/12 - Who doesn't love a good musical improv show?! Come see the hilarious Kristin Key in ACME's Hollywood Dream Role and we'll make some sweet, sweet music for ya. Well, we'll make music of some kind... 

3/30/21 - Special announcement coming tonight from Duchess Riot! Come see our show tonight at the Avery Schriber and catch the latest news :) Info at:

3/22/12 - "Reconciliation" screens at Raleigh Studios for the International Family Film Festival! Event invite here:

3/21/12 - "McCracken Live" goes to the Hollyweb Festival. I loved working on this show SO much! Tix available for the screening at:

3/19/11 - Table reading for my Up All Night spec script is scheduled for iOwest on April 15th. Who-hoo! Details to come :)

3/17/12 - St. Patty's Day Shenanigans at ACME tonight!!! Our guest star is the lovely & talented Michelle Monica from American Idol. Her dream role will likely include music & your night will likely include Guiness coming out of your nose. Grab your little green hat & join us! Tix at

3/3/12 - Hollywood Dream Role at Acme this week starts Brett DelBuono! We're rolling gangsta with our take on Goodfella's! Tix at  Catch the broadcast at

2/24/12 - Duchess Riot performs with Robin Williams' infamous improv troupe Off The Wall! These guys are fantastic!!! As a year-old improv team, we're honored to share a stage with such pros!! To join us, get info at

2/14/12 - Calling all Jordan Black fans! (Yes, that means me :)  I'm doing some improv with him this Saturday night at ACME! Let's see if I can get any words out and not just lie on the floor staring up at his brilliant self. Come watch the show! Tix at

2/11/12 - Laughed on set all day today while shooting Ruben Dario & Holly Wortell's hilarious pilot!

2/4/12 - ACME is back, ya'll! We kicked off 2012 with a hilarious Hollywood Dream Role staring the wonderful John McCook of The Bold and Beautiful! Check out the show here:

2/1/12 - Duchess Riot is upgrading!! Check out

1/27/12 - Duchess Riot rocks out our first show of the new year! Show is at the Avery Schriber Theatre at 8pm. Details at:

1/11/12 - Yay! Got a part in a pilot that shoots the first week in February.  Funny, funny stuff.

1/9/12 - Booked a part in a Lifetime movie! Shooting a scene with Sean Astin next week! Love that man's work, so I'm pretty stoked :)

1/5/12 - All-female funny gets a face-lift! My girls group is rocking out a new look for the New Year. Re-named Duchess Riot & with a fresh attack to the funny, we had our first photo shoot at Quebee Studios!! Pics, website and lots of laughs to come. 

12/31/11 - "Reconciliation" wins another People's Choice Award! This time, its the San Diego Christian Film Festival that gave us the honors & brings our "Best Picture" festival total up to 5. What a great end to the year :) V

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